Getting ready for your new TIG welder. Part 5

At least a little should be said about purchasing additional accessories for the welder if you are contemplating purchasing a new TIG welder, or even if you’ve just ordered one and are waiting for it to arrive. The supplied TIG torch and foot pedal sent with your unit are not only decent in quality, but are designed to get you started TIG welding. However, they may not be the best choice for every individual or welding chore. Most experienced TIG welders end up purchasing additional torches and even upgrading the foot pedal to the SSC design. Consider looking at other torch options, which are smaller and able to handle more delicate welds. Sometimes, the larger welders include torches that are rather unwieldy for low amperage work. So beware. Also if you do intend to weld at high amperage, or have a purchased a PowerTIG unit that is 250 amps or more, the unit will come with a water cooled torch, so you’ll need to purchase a TIG water cooler. Of course, we sell the PowerCool 300 which is a fine TIG cooler, but any water cooler designed for TIG welding can be made to work. But whatever you do, don’t operate the water-cooled torch without a water cooler. It will destroy it quite quickly. If you feel you won’t be welding over 200 amps, consider purchasing an air cooled torch in addition to the water cooled torch you will receive with your new Everlast TIG welder. Most TIG pros have several torches. Having one torch is like having to use one adjustable wrench for all your mechanic work. You can do it, but it’s not the ideal situation to have.