Welding Accessories

The  OEM replacement TIG torches for Everlast products are built for everyday use, with a variety of plug and play options.  Everlast torches use consumables that are standard industry... more

The MIG gun replacements that Everlast offers are OEM quality guns with cross-compatability with Trafimet® and  BINZEL® and some TWECO® series guns.  The actual picture of... more

If you are considering an spool gun purchase, be sure to match the gun's maximum amp capability and duty cycle to the output of the Everlast Power i-MIG or PowerMTS' you have.  If you... more

When selecting your replacement plasma torch, please pay attention to the type and style of your plasma or multi purpose unit.  The connections for Multi units are different than the... more

When selecting a replacement argon regulator, or air regulator/filter remember that there are several styles.  Air regulators and argon regulators are not interchangeable. Be sure to match up... more

When considering a replacement foot pedal, be sure to examine your current foot pedal potentiometer, located inside the pedal for the exact Ohm input.  Also note if there is a separate amp... more

The Miscellaneous category includes items such as drive rolls for MIGs, work clamps, electrode holders, and items that do not fall under the other categories.  If you do not see an accessory... more


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