Getting ready for your new TIG welder. Part 3

Everlast, as of this date, does not include tungsten with any TIG welder. With this in mind, you need to be sure to select the correct tungsten for your welder. I am often asked about what tungsten is required to operate the welder. I usually reply, anything but Zirconiated and Pure Tungsten (green). While that is generally a good starting point, it is really not all the story. You need to consider what you will be welding. Tungsten comes in multiple sizes, with the most common sizes being 1/16”, 3/32”, and 1/8” diameter. It will either come in standard 7” or 5 “ lengths. Length isn’t really important, as long as you don’t end up overpay for one length or the other. But diameter is. Since starter kits contents can vary from time to time with our welders, and are provided as a courtesy to help you get started, it’s best to try to purchase a range of tungsten thicknesses since each has it’s own maximum amp limitation. But if you feel you will only want to get one size, then 3/32” diameter is the safest bet. 3/32” diameter tungsten can accommodate a range of amperages that include the most common amperage levels used by most TIG welders, especially at the beginning. While it isn’t the best for low amp starting, it is fine once it is used above 20 amps or more. Also, don’t forget that different types of tungsten alloys handle the heat differently. Lanthanated is currently one of the most popular. But Thoriated seems to start well and handle the heat well in both AC and DC modes in your Everlast PowerTIG units. While it may not last as long as Lanthanated, Thoriated tungsten is economical and easy to find at most local welding stores. Expect to pay between 20.00 to 40.00 dollars for a 10 pack of tungsten. Don’t fool with buying anything less quantity pack as it isn’t economical to do so.


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