Getting ready for your new TIG welder. Part 2

Once you’ve gotten a gas cylinder, you might want to think about what additional things you may need versus what you have already in regards to personal protective equipment. Proper gloves and safety glasses are fairly cheap to buy at your local welding supply store and are regular replacement items if they are used very much. So, don’t spend a lot on these items. Just get you a pair of gloves that you feel comfortable in which have decent dexterity. Safety glasses are no different. Don’t go out and spend a lot on designer safety glasses. Find an inexpensive pair that fits you comfortably. Usually you have to spend no more than ten dollars to get a really fine pair. However, if you already have a welding helmet (or don’t have anything), don’t necessarily cheap out and forget about getting one that is suitable for TIG. If you are certain you want a fixed-shade, non-auto darkening helmet, then something with a gold lens might be best for the maximum visibility and clarity of the arc. This is a cheap option, but for inexperienced welders, it will be make it more difficult to learn TIG by having to add in the “blind” factor before the arc is started and is not usually considered to be a good solution. However, if you want an auto darkening helmet, spend the money to get one that offers a TIG rating by the manufacturer. Usually TIG rated helmets have 3 or 4 sensors. Very few 2 sensor helmets are capable of providing low amp operation and will flash back and forth between light and dark stages rapidly, making the arc appear to “pulse”. Four sensor designs sense the light at various angles and provide better reaction to low amp arcs.


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