Explosion welding

Explosion welding is a solid state welding. In this, the two metals are joined by pushing them together under very high pressure. This is normally used for making pipes and tubes. The use of this form of welding is very limited because of the nature of the process that allows for only simple geometry. This type of welding technique can be utilized to join two metal pieces together that cannot be welded together using other conventional forms of welding. As with all solid state welding process, this process does not melt the metal. In fact it would only plasticize the surface of the two metals which are then pushed together under high pressure to come in intimate contact with each other to create a weld. With the use of this method, large areas of metal can be welded extremely quickly and the weld that is created is very clean. This method is however less used because of the expansive knowledge of explosives that are required to create the weld.