Everything You Wanted To Know About Everlast & Basic Welding: Torch Compatibility With MIG and Plasma Torches

The torch compatibility question extends also to Everlast’s MIG guns and Plasma torches.  The answer for this is found in the diversity of the industry.  Unlike TIG welding, the industry has found no common ground on MIG welding or Plasma cutting torches.  These are typically special and unique to each manufacturer.  But the bright spot is that there is a number of independent manufacturer’s that make top quality torches that are often used to replace manufacturer torches and provide cross brand compatibility of consumables when multiple brands are found in the work place.  Brands such as TWECO, Pro-FAX, Lenco, Trafimet, Tregaskiss, Bernard, Binzel and others offer brand identity as both OEM options and replacements.  In the last decade or so, quite a few of these manufacturers have been bought out by major welding manufacturers   But, They still remain somewhat independent to offer cross brand compatibility and brand specific torch connections. With the use of Trafimet and Binzel products in both MIG and Plasma product lines Everlast has chosen to use two  of the best and largest quality OEM and aftermarket suppliers of torches in the world. We do use connectors for MIG that are used by several companies including ESAB, and are referred to as “Euro-quick connect”.  For plasma, we also use the new Trafimet “universal” style which is designed as an OEM connection and is referred to as a “Central” connector.  Both these connectors simplify torch connection and require no tools for connecting them.   Replacement consumables are available from local welding suppliers who carry these brands and is widely available from multiple sources online.  While local availability may be limited, it would be comparable to one company carrying a Lincoln or Miller product and not carrying Thermal Arc or ESAB.   While we cannot guarantee local consumable availability, a growing number of local welding stores are carrying these brands, particularly Mom and Pop stores.   And of course, we always try to maintain a healthy inventory of replacement consumables and torch parts which are available in quantity packages and kits and can be ordered online or ordered by calling 877-755-9353.  

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