Electro slag welding:

Electro slag welding in short is known as ESW. It is a process in which an arch is utilized to heat the slag. This slag is the repressed by a conductive slag. It is mainly used for combining steel pieces in a vertical position unlike horizontal position that is followed in traditional welding processes. This doesn’t mean electro slag is an arc welding process. It is just that an arc is lighted during the initial stages of the welding procedure. Thus there is no arc being ignited before the welding process. The width perimeter of the welding procedure is set around 30”.

The excessive heat generated facilitates the process and thus grants this kind of unimaginable access. Various distinct electrodes are put to use in this electro slag welding procedure and utilized in an efficient manner that expedites the procedure as a whole.

It became the most famous procedure for welding in 1970’s. It was intended to fuse metals of high thickness. The technique was used to manufacture parts for buildings, bridges, ships and other heavier vessels etc. The process can combine the thickest of metals to make sturdy and strong components. Thus quality of products manufactured using such welding techniques increased in sky rocketing rates. The electrodes used can be utilized to finish bonds in a single instant. The high temperature generated is detained at the joints for several hours while gas froths are set aside to flee from the pool sooner the bond cools and solidifies.


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