Tips for Choosing MIG Welding Consumables

Tips for Choosing MIG Welding Consumables

The more scientific and cost-effective way to learn MIG welding is to undergo a training course in any industrial school and work on their machines, using metal, gas, and other costly stuff the school would provide. Of course, you must hit upon the right coach if you really want to learn well. Actually be attentive and closely follow all the trainer has to tell you. 

It is prudent to buy your machine after you have gained complete proficiency in MIG welding. There is nothing like a good machine and it is all a question of one's preference. Better to opt for a machine made in USA as service and support will be more reliable and spares will be easily available. You can search eBay and craigslist that will throw up choices for a NIG welder.

If you are going to be welding mostly body panels on automobiles, or gas tanks for choppers, it is suggested that you buy a 115v machine it is good to know that 115 volt MIG machines do not generally wear out and used machines are as good as new ones. AS a matter of fact, the same logic applies to the bigger 230v machines as well. 

Apart from the equipment used in welding, various types of welding consumables such as electrodes, rods, wires, fluxes, and gases are also used. All shielding gases used with a gas-shielded process like MIG welding or TIG welding are expended during welding.

MIG welding is an arc welding process that joins metals by heating them with an arc. The arc is between a continuously fed consumable called filler metal. A few of the frontline MIG welder manufacturers include Lincoln, Miller, Hobart, Century, Esab, Clarke, and others. These MIG welder manufacturers offer a variety of MIG welders that can practically meet all welding needs, starting from industrial MIG welders to fabrication shops, ranches, aerospace welding, and more. 

In MIG welding, one can also use an inert gas to shield flux core and thereby double the protection. The wire size has more to do with the size of the welder as anything else. The cheaper 110 volt welders probably may not be able to power a much bigger wire, and thus 0.03 tends to be more common. You will need larger wires to weld thicker gage materials. For a 110 volt machine, the maximum wire size is probably around 0.035". It is recommended to get a dual purpose machine that can do either MIG welder or Flux core, and size it according to the gage of material you intend to be welding.

It is a fact that many consider MIG gun consumables to be a commodity but these components play a critical role in achieving quality welding. They can also impact the overall productivity and cost of the total welding operation. It is thus important to find the best possible, quality consumables for your application. 

MIG gun consumables principally comprise of the front-end part of the gun, the nozzle, retaining head, contact tip and the liner. These components are responsible for properly feeding the welding wire and for establishing the electrical conductivity necessary to create the arc.

While the welding power source you use undoubtedly influences your welding quality, so too can your consumables. In fact, MIG gun consumables are one of the most neglected areas of the welding operation. Without proper installation, storage and maintenance, these components can cause significant downtime for changeover and needlessly add to inventory cost.