Some Facts about Gas Metal Arc Welders

Some Facts about Gas Metal Arc Welders:

February 9th, 2011

Welding is the process by which two metals are joined and there are many types of weldinglike MIG welding, TIG welding etc to name a few. In this league there is also another particular type of welding called arc welding. If you are doing this type of welding you need to choose the correct arc welder.

Arc welders are majorly in two types- Gas metal Arc Welders and Flux-Core Arc Welders. Based on a number of factors like the material you will work on, the atmosphere you will be working in etc you have to choose the arc welder which will suit you more.

When you take the gas metal arc welder as an option you must be aware that it is very tough to use them outdoors as the gases will get blown out by the wind. The gas metal arc welders can guarantee you precision and clean welding without having any scum formation by the oxidization of metals. These welders are preferred at a lot of manufacturing and industrial outlets to work on machines, automobile etc.