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36 Series MIG Gun, 15ft / 5m cable

6 months
Price: $209.00
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36 Series MIG Gun, 15ft / 5m cable
36 Series MIG Gun, 15ft / 5m cable
  • Designed to fit PowerMTS 400 wire feeder
  • 36 Series Gun has euro quick connect and 15 ft / 5 m cable
  • Good selection for heavy duty use with the Power i-MIG 250, 250P and MTS250S
  • Tolerates heat generated with higher Amp welding and axial spray mode
  • Std liner up to .045"
  • Air-cooled torch operates at a substantial 60% Duty Cycle at 340 Amp with straight CO2 and up to 320 Amp with mixed Ar / CO2 gas
  •  15 ft / 5 m cable
  • Main head and consumables interchange with Binzel® MB36KD and Trafimet® Ergo Plus 36
  • Can be used with either M6 or M8 contact tips if contact tip holder is changed
Specify replacement contact tip size when ordering consumables.
Note: Standard gun is equipped with M8 contact tip holder.  Must order new M6 Contact Tip Holder when using M6 contact tips.

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