Is it Important to Use a Welding Helmet?

Welding seems to be a very easy and simple process which just joins two metals together using heat or pressure, but it is not so; it is a risky process all together. Welding is one of the many process in manufacturing, but a very important process, since it involves a lot of risk, it is always necessary to take all the precautionary measures for a good and safe welding.

Even if the welder is just a beginner or an expert in the field of welding, it is always advisable to use all the safety equipments to keep them safe while welding. There are lots of safety accessories for welding, which include goggles, scarfs, helmets and many more. Among the different safety equipments, welding helmets are one of the most important equipment that a welder should wear.

Why one must use a welding helmet?
Anyone who does welding or is watching someone do welding should always wear a welding helmet, because they protect the welder from sparks, UV rays and bright light of the torch. 

>> The reason why a welder should necessarily wear a helmet is because of the very bright light given off by welding. Without taking safety precautions, as said earlier, this light can burn the cornea which might cause temporary blindness or a permanent one.
>> Another particular reason for wearing a helmet is that, in dark places, the eye cannot manage to adjust the change in brightness fast enough to prevent damage.
>> It not only protects you from flying sparks, but also guards you from the extremely vivid welding arc.
>> A good helmet will usually be effortless to see through, but will darken automatically the instant it detects the welding arc.

Some of the different welding helmets:

Lens type

* Auto darkening
* Regular lens

Auto darkening:
These are the advantages in using an auto darkening helmet. You need not flip the viewing lid or the whole helmet. Because of this it's easier on your neck, without all that flipping. If you're working in a very congested place, you need not be worried of working closely with your work piece. You will be able to view your work piece very clearly, but still have protection. They are powered both by solar and by battery.

Regular lens:
Though regular lens are not that effective like an auto darkening one, even they can be used. They are quite cheaper and it's good enough for a beginner.

Variable or Fixed Shade: 

Variable shade - if one is performing a higher AMP welding, then you will need the shade to vary to #12 or may be more depending on what's one doing.

Fixed shade - if one welds in a similar amperages and welding types, a fixed shade is fine for any one.

Component's of a welding helmet:
>> The shell
>> Outer cover plate
>> Filter lens
>> Retainer lens
>> Gasket

Always make sure that all these parts in a welding helmet are proper and in good condition before buying one. 


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