Essentials of multipurpose units

Multipurpose units are very useful as they can perform multiple jobs using one unit. This is not only space saving but also economical. These units are extremely useful in factories and shops which require different types of welding machines. Now, they do not have to invest in two machines, but can have one machine performing two or three different tasks. They are suitable for harsh environments and can be used outdoors in construction works, in farms, in factories dealing with various types of metals. These machines are capable of maintaining constant current and having concurrent processes for providing the right arc during welding. The main advantage of a multipurpose power unit is that it can give you a lot welding versatility in a single power source.

There are multipurpose units that are three in one combining the work of a plasma cutter along with a TIG and a stick welding unit. So, in one unit you can benefit by having many different types of jobs done.

You also have a TIG welding machine that has all the features necessary from DC power to AC/DC 250 power in a single unit.

There are also multipurpose units that combine MIG and Stick welding for welders who need both these type of welding processes. This has CC/CV-MIG series of machines.

There are MIG pulse welding machines which have separate wire feeds for different models like 500A and 400A. The 300A model is a 3 phase 400V. The 200A model has a compact single phase.

There are multi-weld Stick welding machines that can used to perform multiple tasks. They can handle DC 400, DC 600, DC1500, AC1200 etc. for welding purposes.

Also available in the market is a DC 400 multipurpose welding system which has multi-process CV and CC capability, volt and amp meter, single full output control, solid state circuitry that is useful for repetitive procedures and has a long life, arc force control, arc control adjustment and mode switching which is for choosing the right output characteristics.

These multipurpose units can perform the different tasks that are essential in any welding situation. They are all unique in their design and serve the purpose of welding. The welding machine has to be convenient to handle, has to perform the task properly and has to be economical. Now you need not invest in many different types of welding machines. In one single unit, you can get the advantages of all the types that you want. These machines are useful for the beginner and the professional.

These multipurpose units are economical and can do multiple jobs. They come with a warranty. The products are of high quality and they perform their jobs efficiently. If an individual or a company requires any new programs to be installed, that is also done by the company.

The control panel of these units is self explanatory. It is easy to use. The correct welding process can be chosen by the person doing the job. The right application from the customized program has to be used. The material thickness of the welding material has to be checked before welding, the gas test done and also the wire inch facility. The necessary synergic welding program has to be selected. All the safety measures should also be taken care of. If all these are done properly with care, the welding process can be done easily. A multipurpose unit for welding purposes is definitely a useful one.