What is welding?

Welding is the process by the means of which two metals are joined through the application of heat. It is a common industrial process as well and can also be carried out at our homes for simple repairs. When the weld is made with a good forge, it is very hard to detect with the naked eye. Also the joint that is made though welding is strong and this can be used to make solid structures. There are different process associated with welding that increases the effectiveness of the weld. Welding can be used in many situations. This can include joining metals in a bridge together to form a strong connection to joining two metal rods in a window that would complete a structure. This way it has big and small applications. It is one of the primary methods meant for the joining of metals which helps to create strong bonds and connections between metals.


So like others have said, welding in its most basic form is simply heating two materials until they melt together, usually adding a bit of extra metal to make the joint stronger. The most common type of welding is arc welding, which uses a small electric arc to generate the heat for melting the metals. And there are three main types of Arc welding, MIG, TIG, happy wheels physics-based racing and Stick. While each one is different, they all use an electrode (to generate the arc), a filler metal (to create the weld bead) and something to 'shield' the weld from being contaminated by oxygen.physics-based racing