What is CLAMS?

The stick welding or the shield metal arc welding (SMAW) is one of the most used methods of welding techniques. We call SMAW as stick welding just because of the shape of the electrode that looks like a stick, which is responsible for the crust formation of the weld. When you want to make sure that your weld must turn out to be the perfect one, there are five important things that you will have to keep in your mind and welders call it as CLAMS. The full form of this jargon goes like this…

C - Current setting
L - Length of arc
A - Angle of travel
M - Manipulation
S - Speed of travel

These five points are the stuffs that you will have to take care off while carrying out the welding process, if you need that perfect weld. Most importantly, a welder must be ever ready to face any kind of disturbance or mechanical malfunctions.  Be calm and learn from the mistake you make and never be in a hurry while you perform the task. Always keep yourself well equipped and protected with proper protective gears to avoid any accidents.