What can the new 2015 Everlast Power i-MIG 205 MIG Welder do for me? Part 1

The new 2015 Power i-MIG 205 MIG welder is available, learn what it can do for you.

MIG Welder

The new 2015 version of the  Power i MIG 205 MIG welder arrives with a few more features than before and is now digitally controlled.  This new product along with the new Power i-MIG 200 are two of the latest generation and most advanced small MIGs on the market. The digital microprocessor precisely manages arc output and several new functions to create one of the best MIG values on the market.  With higher  speed wire feeding and better duty cycle the output of the unit is stronger than ever.   But this of course does not fully answer what it can do for a customer that some other welder in its class can’t.   So let’s look at each of the features, where the distinction is clearly made.   First, this unit, along with the Power i-MIG 200 both feature burn back control.  This sets the unit apart from other inexpensive MIG welding units in its class. The burn back control keeps the wire automatically trimmed to the desired length so that constant clipping and trimming of the wire is not needed at every restart.  It accomplishes this by keeping the arc live after the wire stops feeding just long enough to burn the wire back to the desired length.  This may range from a tiny fraction of a second all the way up to 1.5 seconds after the trigger is released as this is an adjustable timer control, which can be found under the wire feeder’s cover.  When letting go of the trigger, a slight delay in arc termination may be noticed if set for a long duration.  This not only saves time and labor, it improves weld quality at the beginning and end of the weld.


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