What’s new for 2014 part 8 - Multi Process Welder PowerPRO 256D

Multi Process Welder PowerPRO 256D - TIG Welder, Stick Welder & Plasma Cutter

mulit process welder

When the Milti Process Welder PowerTIG 255EXT was initially announced, the immediate question we faced with some of our customers was “when will you release a PowerPRO TIG, STICK, Plasma version?”.  Initially our response was “No.”  We felt this might water down the line and the significance of the development in our product line.  But as we thought about it, we knew it was technologically feasible and the effort to do so was not that great, so we decided to green light the development and production of the Multi Porcess Welder PowerPRO 256D.   The PowerPRO 256D is a true digital TIG, Stick, and plasma unit with digital control and output of all functions.  The Plasma function will improve the utility of the unit and will increase the cost by only a few hundred dollars.   For people that are serious in portable repair and basic prototyping this may be a unit that you should look for.  The TIG welding and Stick welding capabilities of the PowerPRO 256D are roughly equivalent to the PowerTIG 255EXT but with the added 60 amp plasma function. While this may not be a suitable unit for production welding such as the PowerTIG 255EXT, it is a great advancement in multi process design, and is something we can offer our customers if they are looking for a little more in the way of a AC/DC TIG Stick, and plasma inverter welder and cutter. The unit features the usual:  2T/4T TIG controls, Stick function with hot start and arc force adjustments, TIG pulse with the new advanced pulse feature and even a “purge” setting to clear air or argon from the line when transferring between processes.

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