What’s new for 2014. Part 4 - Portable Generators

Everlast Generators

Everlast Power Equipment has been known for welders and plasma cutters for a long time, but did you know that generators were the original product line Everlast sold here in the U. S.?  The line of desiel and portable generators has been widely expanded for the 2014 model year.  The new lineup of generators includes the new “Electra-wave” of gensets that provide “clean” sine wave power.  This true sine wave power allows you to use operate sensitive electronic devices which need power as safe as the current that flows from the outlet in the wall of your home.   These units range from 1100 to 3500 peak watts.  The portability of these units are exceptional, with suitcase like styling, with a  handle to pick up and go with most units or a telescoping handle and wheels to roll it right where you need it.  The Electra-wave units are also campground friendly emitting a noise level that conforms to most campground requirements at 58dba or less.  The air cooled engines meet EPA and CARB standards and sip fuel as they purr quietly while delivery power.  The units also feature economy modes which offer quieter and lower rpm operation when full demand is not being placed on the units.  Don’t be surprised if you can run nearly all day on select units while in economy mode without having to refill for gasoline.  Low oil alert and over temperature alert are included for maximum protection to the engine.   Easy one or two pull starting is routine and requires little effort.   We are also scheduled to introduce larger more powerful inverter based units as the year comes to an end, so stay tuned if 3500 peak watts isn’t quite enough for you.  Look for the new  desiel and portable generators to be featured on our new website.

Everlast Power Equipment, from Welders to Plasma Cutters to Generators, we have you covered for all your welding needs.