Welding with an auto-darkening welding helmet part 4

When it boils down to it, there are two basic kinds of auto darkening helmets.  The first is a fixed dark shade helmet.

That means that the helmet, when it transitions from the lighter shade to the dark shade when the sensors see a flash of light, the dark shade is not adjustable.  It is fixed, and cannot be changed to accommodate different types of welding.  The fixed shade is ok for beginners but probably is not going to be satisfactory for the majority of serious hobbyists or professionals.  Don’t think that these fixed shades are all going to be inexpensive, as they are not.  Nearly every manufacturer makes a fixed shade auto-darkening  welding helmet even high-end brand name manufacturers.

While this is a step up for those used to a non auto-darkening helmet, it isn’t satisfactory for very long usually.  The second kind of auto darkening helmet is the adjustable shade helmet.  These are ideal for the welder who never knows what process he will be using, or what amperage he will have to use to weld.  Usually these shades can adjust from shade 9 to shade 13, either in infinite shades or in preset shades, ranging from whole shade numbers to half shade numbers.

A few good quality helmets may adjust between shade 8 to shade 14.  Obviously, the greater the range of adjustment, the better the helmet is considered.  Don’t forget that even cheaper brands often offer this feature, so if you are wanting a helmet on a budget, don’t worry, you’ll be able to afford the adjustable auto darkening shade feature.


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