Welder Maintenance, What You Need To Know About Welding Machine Maintenance - Part 2

Welder maintenance and what you should be doing

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Welder maintenance is crucial not only to the lifespan of the welder, but also to the safety of the user. Keeping the welder maintenanced and point gaps adjusted are fine and necessary, but there’s more to it than that for continuous safe operation. In fact, a complete daily inspection should be made of the unit on the outside. Check for a loose power cord and  inspect the strain relief coming from the back of the welder. All Everlast units feature a strain relief on the rear of the unit that prevents the cord from being pulled out of the switch inside the unit. This strain relief can loosen over time or if excess pressure is exerted on the cord. The tighter the strain relief, the firmer the cord is gripped. You may have to open up the unit if the cord strain relief is really loose or spinning in its socket. This is true of any brand welder and is not a unique concern just for Everlast welding equipment. The strain relief can take a beating, particularly on units being rolled around the shop floor or being ferried in and out of work trucks. Even changes in weather can affect the tensioning of the strain relief. Often shipping the unit can affect the tightness, so it’s always a good idea to check the strain relief before the welder is plugged in and turned on for the first time. If the unit’s cord or strain relief becomes damaged andor is impossible to properly tighten, do not use the unit and contact Everlast or your unit’s manufacturer for the proper replacement part.

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