Using 2T and 4T in TIG - Part 3

Downslope whether in 2T or 4T requires another movement of the torch switch. This allows you to ramp down the heat from the welding amps.

This is accomplished by either pressing the switch again in 4T and holding it, or for 2T, releasing the switch. Downslope is simply the reverse up upslope, and is set according to the time you wish the welder to take to cycle down from the welding amps to the final termination phase of the arc. Once released, in 2T mode, the torch will cycle down automatically to the preset final current and terminate the arc. In 4T mode, (on most Everlast units) the arc will ramp down and hold an arc until the torch switch is once again released, terminating the arc. Some newer models will automatically terminate the arc if the switch remains held down. In both 2T and 4T, the final phase is referred to as End amps. This amperage is the final amp value that is arrived at just before the arc is shut off.

The interesting feature of the upslope/down slope time in 4T mode is that the torch can be continuously toggled between upslope and downslope as long as the final amperage has not been achieved. This is great for operating the unit when the weld may grow too hot a pulse needs to be mimicked if it is not set.

Keep in mind that while handy to use, the foot pedal cannot be an answer to all welding situations. Learning to use the 2T/4T torch feature will greatly improve your welding repertoire and give you a practical solution when performing out-of-position welds and when you find yourself in a tight spot. Still, though, there will be the tough few that would rather lay under an old car, welding on a frame, and trying to weld in a contorted position, while the foot pedal is tucked between their knees.

If that is you, just try it once or twice. You may find out that using a torch switch puts you in more control rather than less control in these situations.


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