Turning a welder into a profit maker - Finding Customer Part1

No doubt a great many men and women who make their first purchase of a welder have in mind recovering at least part of their investment cost by doing some welding for others, or by at least making something with the welder and selling it. However, good many buy before they have a firm grip on the local market and even before they are fixed on what they will build or sell, and the welder ends up sitting on the shelf collecting dust, or it is sold after interest is lost. Very few people actually connect with their dreams of making it big or even at the very least supplementing their income because of poor market investigation or planning. One of the simplest things to do to prevent this from happening to you is to go around to different welding companies in your area and ask questions. Most will be glad to offer simple advice or tell you what kind of clientele they have. Obviously you won’t be starting out on such a grand scale, but it is worth noting the type of work each shop does. Some will specialize while others will take on about any task that comes in the door. Furthermore, a visit to all your local welding suppliers can glean some details about the local market. The local welding supply business can give you broad info on what type of welding products they sell the most of and what they feel the market it doing in the area based off the sales.