Tips to make your plasma cutter work more efficient

Plasma cutting is a very important process that is used quite predominantly for cutting steel and other metals of varying thickness using plasma torch in the welding industry. In order to create sturdy and high quality product the industry considerably relies upon good plasma cutters for cutting metals precisely as per their requirements. Irrespective of what kind of welding procedure you follow, every welder requires a good plasma cutting tool to create proper welds.

Here are five tips to make your plasma cutter work more efficiently.

  1. Cleaning your ground location is very important. Every welder requires a clean solid ground to create a strong arc in order to easily cut through the metal. A stable arc is what every welder needs to create proper welds. With a subpar ground your arc is mostly bound to be unstable.
  2. Your torch should be slag free as well. Slag plays a predominant feature while cutting metals. This slag can make its way inside your plasma torch electrode or nozzle. This leads to poor cutting ability and spoils the whole purpose.
  3. Plasma cutters needs dry air while cutting. There should be a constant flow of dry air for better efficient cutting. Your compressor should have an adequate dryer and water separator involved. Without dry air, the plasma torch won’t be able to create a stable arc once again.
  4. Avoid using extension cords. The plasma cutter always works better when closer to the power source. Extension cords alter the voltage supply your cutter requires for carrying out the cutting process which hampers your weld.
  5.  Your plasma cutter requires adequate amount of air pressure for the torch to properly “punch” through the metal.

There are several welding forums online giving you more tips and guidelines related to welding concepts. Use them for better welding experience.