Tips to follow for better MIG welding experience

Metal Inert Gas Welding also known as MIG welding is a welding technique used predominantly in the welding industry wherein a consumable electrode made of wire and gas are fed consistently via the welding gun for creating welds. Welding as such is the process where in two or more metal pieces are joined together with the help of a molten solution which solidifies upon cooling to essentially form the bond between them. MIG welder is a very efficient tool for welding metals. It is quite simple to understand, install and operate with ease.  However, practice always makes a man perfect which is essentially true in the case welding process. Welding as such is an art which can be mastered only via practical experience. If you wish to pursue welding as a long time hobby, you better start with MIG welding and practice for several hours on a regular basis. MIG welding is used in wide range of applications as MIG welders are quite cheaper when compared to TIG welding equipments. Here are some 7 basic tips for amateurs to avoid mistakes while using MIG welder.

  1. Preparing the welding surface properly is mandatory.
  2. Make sure to make use of protective welding accessories while operating.
  3. The metal spool should have a clear feed through your welding gun.
  4. Try skip welding to minimize the possibility of metal shock being wrapped due to heat stress.
  5. You ought to be very careful of residual heat.
  6. Stability is of at most importance to create quality welds and to provide proper protection. Make sure that you are comfortably positioned before starting out with the welding procedure.
  7. Always check out for earth clamp for the MIG welder to operate at its optimum performance.

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