Tips for Field Repair

It is important to have the best of quality equipments and immense knowledge in welding along with at most concentration when we are working with welding applications. Selecting proper engine driven welding generators, plasma cutters and other repair tools helps you to prevent downtime by fixing repair works right at the first time.

Equipment repair is adds up to your vows more compared to the complications you encounter while you weld. Every minute your machine turns down is a minute of lost time and minutes turn to hours when servicing those machines. Immense knowledge and experience in welding enables you to estimate the right kind of tools you always would need for the job and helps you to reduce downtime drastically and finish off the work quickly. At the end of the day your intelligence and quality of equipments predicts the outcome whether it’s a profitable one or not.

In order to finish off the field repair there are five basic steps you need to follow;

1.    Cut out broken steel with Oxy-fuel, Plasma or Carbon arc Gouging. This is the initial step         when  it comes to field repair. Most contractors have oxy fuel equipments for cutting, brazing, soldering, and preheating welding surfaces
2.    Match and cut replacement steel. Match your equipments based upon their strengths and  replace them. Cut your steel to its required size.
3.    Preheat to eliminate cracking. Fill the replacement steel to find irregularities and check its fitting. After achieving proper fit, preheat the surface with oxy-fuel equipment.
4.    Electrode Selection and Welding Technique. Mostly stick welding technique is preferred.
5.    Select your welding system. This factor depends upon the electrodes you have chosen in the previous step.


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