Tips and Ideas for Flux Cored Welding:

* If you go through eBay to but one, you might want to initial go to welding supply shops and observe them in person.

* Flux cored welders are mostly for the thinner materials. If you are going to work on cars and the like, you would most likely prefer wire feed over stick.

* I have complete a lot of sheet-metal work with stick rods, but I wanted to use actually small rods, plus do a lot of "touch & go" welding, rather than nonstop welds.

* One of your primary accessories must be a pair of "MIG pliers". They are good for helping you maintain your equipment clean and to be able to with no trouble change to other wire sizes.

* When you install your 1st wire spool, do not mess with bending it around a lot or it might break. Re-threading and pulling out any that is previously in the guide tube be able to be a pain.

* Again, use suggested settings, then build adjustments as wanted. a few machines are actually limited for adjustments, so you can have to experiment with your gun positioning and arc length.

* I'd bet that there are as a lot of variations for adjustments as there are different manufacturers and models. Be patient and keep trying.