TIG Welding, Which welding Process Should You Try First? TIG Part 3

TIG Welding, Which welding process is best for you?

TIG WeldingIn almost every welding category, TIG welding shines as a top choice for a welder choice.  But there are still several distinct draw backs.  TIG welding is definitely a slow welding process. When compared to MIG welding or Stick welding, it seems like slow motion. That’s something that isn’t always brought out in welding videos or on fabrication shows. In fact, I’ve come across many people very disappointed in the welding speed that TIG offers. It requires patience and a border line obsession with cleanliness to be able to be a good TIG welder. Along the lines of cleanliness, TIG welding is not good for dirty or contaminated metal. In fact, it is almost impossible to get a good, solid weld if the metal has rust, scale, or paint residue left on the metal. This further slows down the welding process by requiring grinding, sanding or brushing the surface thoroughly clean, and then a complete wash-down with Acetone or other similar (but safe) cleaner. While not a difficult process to clean metal, it is time consuming and is almost always required to some extent every time a joint is to be welded.  TIG is also an expensive choice to get started.  TIG welding machines typically cost 3 to 4 times as much as an inexpensive stick welder. The regulator, torches, and related accessories can add several hundred more dollars if not bought as part of a special package. With TIG welding there is always another accessory to buy, and it can be a quite addictive pursuit. Finding a better welding helmet is a common complaint as TIG welding can give some autodarkening welding helmets troubles. Even though TIG is a quiet process in DC, AC and even pulse modes can increase noise levels significantly to a painful level. Every person should seriously weigh their commitment level to becoming a welder before jumping into TIG because the drawbacks can be significant.


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