TIG Welding - Which Welding Process Should You Try First? TIG Part 2

TIG Welding, Which Welding Is Best For You?

TIG welding has always been a more glamorous form of welding.   And truthfully, if TIG welding can be mastered, it makes an excellent choice to weld  any material deemed “weldable” by the American Welding Society (AWS).   Heat control is definitely the best in TIG welding process.  Any object sensitive to cracking or warping should be welded with TIG.  Even without a foot pedal heat control can be maintained through the use of 2T/4T controls and programming.  Options exist for an amp controller mounted on the torch handle as well so that heat control should never be a problem except in the cheapest DC only TIG welding units. Features such as pulse further tune the heat control capabilities.   As far as noise,  it’s a very quiet process (in DC), much quieter than Stick welding or MIG welding and almost as quiet as Oxy fuel welding, except for the noise of the fan on the welder itself and the cooling fan on any water cooler used.   Most TIG welding machines also feature a stick welding function which increases the usefulness and expands the capacity of the machine where TIG welding may not be practical.   As a welding process TIG welding is not much more expensive the MIG welding, with filler wire and gas being pretty comparable.   But the biggest thing that most people are in tune to is that it is smooth and clean with no spatter, and that fits right into home shops that are usually swept neat as a pen on a daily basis after play time is over for the evening.

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