TIG Welding, Which Welding Process Should You Try First? TIG Part 1

TIG Welding, Which Welding Process Should  You Try First?  TIG Part 1

TIG Welding

Undoubtedly TIG welding is the hottest and most in demand welding process.  You have to do nothing but watch online videos, and TV shows that feature some form of fabrication theme and you can see that for yourself.   What really is TIG welding like?  Is it as good as they say? Is it something I should try first?   These are questions that I get from many new guys seeking to strike their first welding arc ever all the time. TIG welding in and of itself is an excellent process to learn first when it comes to skill acquisition.  However it is worthy to keep in mind that TIG welding is considered the most elite form of welding, and not a process that is designed for all to master.   TIG welding develops all elements needed to perform good welds.  More specifically, it forces you to become a better welder by the demands it places on you from the start.  One of the first things it develop is hand/eye/foot coordination.   You can’t operate a TIG welding with any level of competency without these skills being developed along the way.  TIG welding also teaches muscle memory in a similar way that oxy fuel welding does with the routine, rhythmic addition of filler material, and the strict control required over torch height.  TIG welding is also excellent at teaching puddle recognition skills.  Being a very clean welding process, with little or no slag formation the only thing required to see the puddle is a little leaning over to see around the welding cup as it obscures vision of the puddle. 

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