Tig welding equipment

Tig welding is also known as tungsten inert gas welding. In this process a non consumable electrode is used to complete the weld. This is generally meant for motorsport enthusiasts. Usually a shielding gas is used to protect the weld are from contamination from the environment. If you are look for some welding work on your automobile then you should look TIG welding process and equipment. Normally TIG welding equipment is able to weld together steel or stainless steel material. This will help to make quick repairs and modifications. This equipment should be easily able to fit in your garage. Portability is the key here. You should make sure that you have a portable wielder that runs on a 6500 watt generator. This will help in maneuvering the equipment to the work area.  Always look for something that packs a punch as welding equipment. A machine that packs out 225 amps is sure to give you a sturdy performance. Also there are pulse machines available that will help you to modulate the settings of your welding machine that will help in a better finish of the project. Look for something that has both amperage and features. This versatility will help to make your projects better every time.


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