TIG welding – a real boon to the welding industry:

TIG is an ellipsis for tungsten inert gas welding. Tig welding is totally different from other welding techniques, where it makes use of an arc which is made of tungsten, and which uses electrical current to generate heat for performing the welding process.

Tig welding is considered as one of the best welding techniques till date. One of the major advantages of TIG welding is that, its high amperage, allows greater thickness of metal to be welded with ease. Unlike other welding methods, Tig welders use a different arc with a non consumable electrode which allows for continuous and undisturbed work resulting in unblemished finish. The only down side of this method of welding is that it is incredibly high cost, which makes it impossible for lot of people to own one, especially amateurs and hobbyists, for whom it will be little too much to spend on. Other than this, it is only a real advantage by all means.