Skills Needed For Welding Other Than Welding

So, you want to be a welder? I know that sounds like a cliché start to a “how-to” manual on welding. It is a valid question, though, because you really need to make a serious skill assessment of other existing skills. If you don’t it may be something of a short lived fantasy. Welding is more than a hobby that increases your cool factor with friends. Welding involves many other pre-programmed knowledge and skills. Let’s look at a couple. A true welder needs to know more than basic math. Of couse, basic math is necessary, and related skills like reading a tape measure are the most basic requirements. But welding involves a lot of time fitting up things, and doing non welding related basic fabrication which depend upon knowledge of physics, and even geometry and trigonometry at times. If you aren’t able to distinguish a 1/16th from a 1/32nd you won’t make it even hobby welding. If you don’t know what a complimentary angle is and how it may be used to make a cut on a bandsaw, then it will be hard going. Basic physic knowledge is required too. You must have a firm grip on how physics operate, or that brace you welded for strength, may have actually created a weak point somewhere else. Welding isn’t just about melting metal for sure. If you are one of those people who enjoy rudimentary training in the school of hard knocks, sure step out and start welding right now. But a wiser choice would be to refresh your knowledge of algebra, geometry and physics before you start.