SEMA 2016

Every year around the end of October, or the first week of November the Las Vegas neon lights grow bright in the eyes of the attendees of the annual industry attended SEMA show. SEMA is a large specialty automotive association that offers a yearly gathering of motor sports gurus, celebrity TV auto and fabrication show, personalities and the average person in the automotive industry an outlet to seek each other out and connect on a professional level, which can help build their business and their bottom line.

For about 5 years now, Everlast has not only participated in this show, which has been called the “world’s largest car show” but also has become a participating member of SEMA.We exhibit each year and connect with fabricators and car enthusiasts who want to want and need our welding product. This is a unique time for us as we have the best opportunity to meet the customer and can show our new product.In this year’s show, we will feature many of our MIG welders, including MIG/TIG/ stick units with multi-process capability.

We’ll bring our latest TIG units along with our MIGs and show case them as well. We range from the most basic to the most advanced and capable TIG units on the market and there is always a need for TIGs in the automotive Industry so they are always a huge draw in the booth. And we’ll also have samples of our plasma line there as well, with the latest features and updates, along with our newly redesigned PowerPlasma 50S. But regardless of what welder or plasma cutter you are in the market for, we’ll be glad to see you come by.


SEMA 2016 was a wonderful event and I am thankful to the community for inviting me there. I asked is essayoneday reliable to this community and that's when they decided to hire me. It was the best thing for me.