Selecting the right filler metal - Miscellaneous rods

Without going into too many details there are other classifications of welding rods for TIG, Stick and MIG welding other than basic steel, aluminum, and stainless categories. In these instances, you may be joining dissimilar metals, essentially bronze welding. Or you may be trying to improve wear resistance or hardness of a material surface. There are exotic metals of course that will require a special rod or filler to join. High nickel content rods may be used for repairing cast iron. In some circumstances these rods may be literally hundreds of dollars per pound. There’s really no use in keeping a lot, if any of these rods around. You have to have a big budget to keep them all in stock and ready to use at a moment’s notice. Keep it practical by asking around at local welding suppliers what their most common moving rods are. To be sure, rods designed to repair cast iron are likely to be their number one rod that is sold out of all the miscellaneous rods sold. Some may consider bronze or brass filler rods that are used for bronze welding or brazing in the top. But still, the sales of these rods are a small portion of the annual sales of filler metals within the company. Most likely you’ll want to reserve purchase until you actually need it. Having it around on hand to decay or to oxidize isn’t worth the added money you could make if you had them in stock right when you needed them. It isn’t necessary to be an all around welder unless you have the money to waste on product that may never be used.