Safety Tips for Plasma Cutter:

1). Plasma cutters generate an electric circuit between the cutting metal and the plasma cutting equipment. This means that whatever thing touching the metal is element of the circuit, together with you, if you by mistake touch it. Electric shocks are not much enjoyable, therefore be careful what you touch!

2). The produced voltages for plasma cutters are 100 to 200 volts (very higher than normal welders).

3). Make sure that you in no way touch the plasma cutting torch body, the metal to you are working on, or the water in the water bench (if that is the system your work with)

4). In the time of cutting, that is ALL you are doing. Don’t pick up the part your working on in addition to don’t select up the cutoff metal.

5). Don’t alter the clamp as you are cutting.

6). Make sure that you be dressed in insulated boots and gloves in addition to that your clothes and your body are waterless.

7). While cutting, keep away from wet surfaces similar to the plague. Don’t stand, sit, touch, or lay down in any liquid.

8). At the same time as plasma cutting forever make efforts to insulate yourself from earth and from your work portion. By means of insulated mats and covers large sufficient to stay you physically divide from the cutting metal. If you should work in a damp region (for ex, if you are setting up heavy machines onsite) use great care.

9). Make sure that the metal of the work cable is in make contact with the metal of the work table or the metal that you are work on.

10). Make in no doubt that where the work cable is clamped is free of dirt, dust, paint, rust, water, and so on. The surface has to be as dirt free as likely.

11). Ensure the work cable is joined to the major body of the work part and not clamped to the portion that is being cut off.


We know that in order to cut big machinery parts as well as iron parts and for joining them we need the help of welders as well as cutters. But safety is the first thing that everyone should do before starting these kinds of jobs. Here they provided some of the safety tips for the plasma cutter.    car share near me