Resistance welding

Resistance welding is a welding process that is used to join two or more metals. In this process, heat is generated with the help of the property of resistance between the two metals. When the two metals are in contact, a high current of 1000 A to 10,000 A is passed and heat is generated by the resistance property of the two metals. This heat will cause the metals to melt and small pools of molten metal will be formed. When these pools are cooled down, they form a hard metal bond between the metals which would create a perfect weld. This welding process is very efficient and it causes the least amount of pollution. However, the cost of equipment for resistance welding is quite high. There are many processes that are included under resistance welding. Spot welding is a very famous form of resistant welding that makes use of this welding process to make clear concentrated welds.


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When two metals have link with one another, an extreme current of 1000 A to 10,000 A is moved and heat is made by the resistance property of both materials. This heat will cause the metals to flush and the small pools of stainless steel will drain. We order order essay from her. When these ponds are cooled, they form a thin metal between the metals which will create a perfect weld.