Protect yourself during welding

Welding is an art where iron, steel and other strong materials are joined together with the help of a molten solution which when cooled down forms a solid bond between them. The molten solution is generated using electricity and high transfer of heat energy. As such it involves high intense sparks and heat in the whole process. This process is mainly done to manufacture planes, ships and other kinds of metal appliances and things we use on a day to day basis.

Welding is a very simple process to learn and perform. Anybody who has the likes for it can easily adapt in the industry. However, no matter how easy it might seem to be, it is certainly one among the dangerous activities pursued by mankind. As it involves tremendous amount of heat energy and high intense sparks, it can be quite harmful for us if we are not protecting ourselves with much care. The sparks can damage our eye sight and cause burns in case if skin is exposed to it. The fumes can cause lung and other heart related diseases if inhaled. People have even died catching fire while performing the art. Thus you must always take every necessary measure to protect yourself while you perform welding.


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