Product Buying Guide Part 3

Buying a TIG is a step up in the welding world.  It is the “elite” form of welding that many  welders never get to try, yet it is one of the fastest growing areas of demand for us.  Our price point puts advanced inverter based  TIG welders in the price range of many of our customers. In fact, our prices also put us ahead of most  transformer based TIGs still left on the market.   Few companies compare to the total sum of TIG welders offered in the product line.  Just as any other company, we offer both AC/DC and DC tigs.  Most people tend to gravitate toward AC/DC TIG units.  However, it’s important to weigh the need against the added expense of the welders when buying an AC/DC TIG versus a DC only TIG.

Keep in mind that most people rarely need an AC TIG, only for welding aluminum or magnesium.  If it is rare or improbably  that you will  weld aluminum, the Power i-Tig 200 and the small PowerARC 140ST and PowerArc 160STH, all offer a great economical choice for a straight DC TIG welder.   Starting with the PowerARC140ST,  and PowerArc 160ST which are also fine stick welders for general purpose welding, basic DC TIG is made easy.  There are no fancy or advanced settings. These are dual voltage as well, able to operate on 120 or 240V.  And they operate at a maximum amp out setting  that is in the “heart” of the range that most people will need to weld at to weld DC on most items.  The 160 STH also offers simple foot pedal control when used as a stick welder.  The Power I-Tig, a dual voltage welder as well,  is a great little unit for welding TIG or Stick, though it offers advanced TIG options such as Pulse, which helps control heat on thin metal, and improves the weld appearance, and offers remote torch switch controls that make it easy to use without the foot pedal in out of position welds.