Product Buying Guide part 20

The Power MTS 200

If you are looking in the market for a 200 amp welder, but don’t know which process is best for you, whether it be TIG, MIG or even a Stick welder, then the Power MTS 200 could be the unit that fit your needs perfectly.

You’ve outlined the need for the 200 amp which is the common threshold in the industry before stepping up to serious commercial class equipment, but still are in doubt about which welder to choose.  You don’t want to purchase more than you need, but want to leave a little room for growth. Sound familiar?

The Power MTS 200 eliminates the need for a clear decision and actually delivers uncompromised performance in all three welding modes, making it an excellent choice no matter what decision you come to.  The unit features a basic setup for MIG, with an additional feature not usually found on MIG welders this small: infinite inductance control. With this feature, the Power MTS 200 allows the arc quality to be adjusted and tuned. The inductance feature actually adjusts the pinch point timing of the wire, changing the fluidity of the puddle and the bead profile.  This feature is possible on this small of a welder due to the inverter technology.

Not only does the inverter technology offer more advanced features, it reduces the size, weight and power consumption of the welders. At a steady current draw of just 22 amps while welding at maximum amperage on the most power consuming process (stick), this is an economical welder to operate.  The price is around a 1000.00.

When you start to seriously look around and compare, we feel confident that you are not going to find a better or more economical welder to buy and operate. There are competitors out there, but they tend to miss the mark.  Either they don’t provide the complete package, and you have to purchase extra torches and consumables to fit at a significantly higher cost or they simply don’t have all the standard features we do.