Product Buying Guide part 19

MTS series

The number one question we field when people are buying one of our Everlast welders is:  which process should they get?  Which one do they truly need?  There is no one right answer for most cases.  In fact most people soon realize that there is a legitimate spot for a stick welder, MIG welder and even a TIG welder in their shop.  But for many it comes down to the practical problem of money and jut buying one product.  It’s an either/or situation, and not a both/and one in this down economy.  The good news is that Everlast was one of the first companies in the US several years ago to seek a solution to that problem.  The solution is the Power MTS series.

MTS stands for MIG/TIG/Stick welder.  This combines all processes into a functional and economically priced CC/CV machine. In these welders, there really is not a compromise in performance because of the inverter technology. The electronic aspect of it is a fairly easy accomplishment with TIG and Stick being very similar to each other and the MIG process being a relatively easy technological hurdle to clear with an inverter.  And the space required for all three processes fit neatly into a compact MIG frame.

The MTS series has been updated this year to include foot pedal capability for TIG, and spool gun capability for MIG. We've also increased the amperage up to 250 amps (MIG /TIG) for the synergic model, and 200 amps (MIG/TIG) for the standard model.  Both units feature heavy duty construction and convenient operator controls.  Although similar in size there is a divergence in features, especially in the MIG component.