Product Buying Guide part 16

The Power i-MIG 205 has long been our standard work horse in the Everlast line.  It has always taken care of business in a dutiful but silent manner.  It’s probably one of the least known, but most important welder in our product line.  As a MIG, the Power i-MIG 205 unit stands on its own and goes toe to toe with name brand welders.

It’s biggest issue is well…it isn’t the prettiest welder on the market.   But who needs looks to make something weld? The Power i-MIG 205 is a square box to be honest with some of the best inverter MIG components available stuffed inside of it.  It’s portable, but at a duty cycle of 35% at a full 200 amps, it cannot be beaten.  It holds up to 44 lb rolls of wire, and it still retains its suitcase like portability.

As a MIG welder, the Power i-MIG 205 has incredible arc stability and a wire feed system that is a stout as they come.  You’ll find no plastic here.  Fully adjustable inductance also can be used to “trim” the arc and engineer the type of weld you would like.  Standard Euro quick connects for the MIG gun makes after market MIG gun selection easy if you need a longer or different style.  It is also spool gun ready.  Let’s also consider the fact that the Power i-MIG 205 welder is a very capable stick welder.

The welding unit features up to 160 amps stick weld capacity at 35% and also features arc force control which improves rod burn-ability. The welding unit is also equipped with digital displays to help repeatability and readability of settings.