The portable Mig welder

Mig welders are the device that is portable. It is the inverter welder machine that comes under the mig welding product and it reduces the work and satisfies all mig welding repair needs. These are the single phase welding machines and it is available in four types such as power I-MIG 160, 200, 205 and 250p and each type comes under the infineon IGBT inverter type and has input volt of 240v. It is a convenient and portable device and you can take anywhere to get to the repair and don’t need to run for weld wires, it has a 12lb roll capacity and optional drive rolls. These devices have the option of adding spool gun so you can weld aluminum welders and stainless steel welders. The differences between these devices are, it can be used for the metals having different thickness and it is used by hobbyist and also used in light industrial, fabrication, HVAC, agricultural and more.