Plasma Cutting Tips

Plasma cutters are amazing tools, and Everlast Welders is here to provide plasma cutter project tips to help you improve your plasma cutting projects. These are plasma cutting tips every new and veteran welder should know:

Tip #1:  Safety.

Plasma cutters generate a large amount of heat and your very first priority should be safety. Make sure you wear appropriate work gloves, safety glasses, outerwear, shade glasses and/or a helmet that can stand up to the sparks and heat.

Tip #2:  Extend Parts Life.

An air filtration system will expand the life of your parts and remove most of the oil or water from your air line from your compressor.

Tip #3:  Replace Worn Consumables.

If your consumable parts are worn, you won’t get the best arc or a straight cut. Make sure to change worn out consumables as needed, and don’t screw them in too tightly, either.

Tip #4:  Ground Clamp Grounded?

If you don’t make certain your ground clamp is well connected to the base material, you’re in for a shock! If there is rust or paint in the way, remove it so you can get that clamp around the base metal.

Tip #5:  What’s Your Amp Draw?

Is your amp draw going to pull too much power from your breaker? Make sure you’re not drawing too much amp power from your breaker, or you could create a safety risk that could result in a devastating fire.

Tip #6:  Standoff or Drag Cutting?

You can drag your plasma cutter to make a cut, or you can do a standoff cut. Either way is fine, but make sure you plan your cuts so you make fewer mistakes.

Tip #7:  Use Guides and Templates

For metal cutting projects, there are many standoff guides, drag shields, templates, and accessories to help you make clean cuts. If you need to make perfect circles, a design, or any shape that you can imagine, using templates will save you lots of time and agony.

If you have additional questions about plasma cutters and project advice, feel free to check out our video library on our home page, or ask your question on our plasma cutting forum.