Is A Plasma Cutter Right For You? Plasma Cutter Part 1 of 2

Need to cut a variaty of metals? Find out if a plasma cutter right for you...

Everyone should at least try their hand at plasma cutting, before making up their mind about their need or lack of need of it. While we sell many plasma cutters at Everlast Power Equipment, many are bought without a full understanding of the features and benefits and yes, even draw backs of owning a plasma cutter. There are more alternatives to plasma cutting now than ever, and most are economical. True a plasma cutter will cut any metal. But how many times have you ever needed to cut titanium or even stainless for that matter? Most plasma cutters spend most of their life cutting mild or carbon steel. True, that many do not, but when a person considers other legitimate methods of cutting metal out there, a plasma may become second purchase even if it eventually becomes the primary piece of cutting equipment. Oxy fuel welding torches for example may be a priority for purchase over a plasma cutter because they offer heating capabilities as well. In any shop the ability to heat a piece of metal is important.   And of course, an oxy fuel torch can heat and cut. A plasma can only be used to cut. Versatility is key to setting up a shop, so for many an oxy fuel or an oxy acetylene rig  is the first cut capable machine purchased.  

For those with light and only occasional cutting and welding needs, a stick welder can be used to cut as well.  Although no one claims it to be an accurate or efficient cutting method, this method can be used to hack through metal thick and thin. With a little practice and enough amps, someone can become fairly skilled at it. This is still listed in many text books, so the practicality of it is still recognized.  Metal cutting radial saws are quickly become favored by many for their precise quick cuts. The drawback is that they are limited to straight cuts only. Having a precise clean cut though can be important to certain types of fabrication processes. The cut remains relatively cool as well, so little warping will be experienced. Edges are razor clean. There’s no dross or slag to contend with. However, these metal circular saws are loud and can throw dangerous shards. But this cutting method is climbing in popularity for its economy and precision. Prices have fallen steeply on these units and more brands have been marketed to increase the competitiveness of features and price. Even though it’s a noisy solution, many shops would benefit by having one of these saws near the top of the priority list.

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