Is owning a stick welder still important? Part 2

Slow welding speed is often cited as a reason not to buy a stick welder. But when you consider the capability of a TIG unit and it’s welding speed, a stick welder is a jack rabbit by comparison. When you add the “Jet” type rods that are commonly used in fabrication, they can rival the speed and capability of a MIG machine. Even with a slower welding electrode like a 6010, the speed is still reasonable. Another factor often cited by customers as a reason not to consider buying a stick welder is that the weld appearance isn’t aesthetically pleasing. Nothing could be further from the truth! In capable hands a stick weld can be made to look as if a machine had made it. The only obstacle to achieving beautiful stick welds is practice time. A proper stick weld, while not identical in appearance can have an equally pleasing appearance as a TIG weld, especially in stainless. A near perfect stack 0’ dimes can be created with very little trouble once some experience is gained. While out of the box, it may take a little more effort than TIG or MIG to achieve a bead that has strong eye appeal, a strong weld can be maintained rather quickly. When you are sorting things out before buying a welder, don’t discount the capability of a stick welder. Compare a stick welder to a utility player in baseball. Utility players are always in demand, and most true repair shops don’t exist very long without a stick welder just as most baseball teams like to keep their utility players in the lineup.


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