New TIG Welder Release. The Power i-TIG 200 TIG Welder

Introducing the NEW Power i-TIG 200 TIG Welder

Though there is significant differences between the Power iTIG 200 and the Power iTIG 200T, there is some overlap in the target markets that these units share. Both TIG welders are 200 amps DC TIG and 160 amps DC stick in output with excellent arc characteristics and low amp performance. However, within the market overlap, we’ve discovered that there are basically two types of people. There are those who like knob adjustments where basic settings can be seen at a glance and those who like the precision feel and control that a digital unit has to offer. For both units we’ve had great success with the gunsmith, offroad enthusiast, and specialty manufacturer. The new midyear 2015 Power i-TIG 200 has been refreshed to offer a better and more practical panel design. It not only retains the analog input that so many people are fond of, but it also now has a digital internal control which helps to more precisely manage and control parameters while reducing the complexity of the internal circuitry that 100% analog units require. This will improve overall reliability and reduce repair time if service is ever needed. In fact, in many cases, it will improve the customer’s ability to make complete repairs on the spot without the downtime of having to send a unit in for service. We feel this will be a great advantage for customers in our more remote areas where shipping for service is a concern. The units wills still feature most of the analog knobs found in the unit before, but centers the controls and offers an improved learning curve by grouping the controls in a more logical fashion, with only the addition of touch contacts and LED indicators where the old rocker switches were previously used.

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