Need to Know The MIG Welding Part3

Along with wire cost and gas cost there are additional items of expense that should be considered. Of course, a suitable auto darkening helmet is always going to be needed. A good quality helmet will usually start in a price range of 150.00 dollar or better for an auto darkening. The rapid start/stop nature of MIG welding makes having an auto darkening helmet nearly a must have item.  The basic fixed lens helmet can be used, at a much less expense, but beware, that it can be very aggravating flipping the helmet up and down constantly, not mention time consuming.  Also, nozzle gel or anti spatter spray is a worth-while investment to protect the consumables from wear, and to prevent metal buildup and adhesion of spatter to the consumables.  Furthermore, a hidden, and difficult to predict expense is the cost of consumables.  This cost can eat up a hobby welding budget, depending upon skill and care provided to the consumables.  Extra tips, nozzles, and even liners are frequent requirements of a MIG welder.  The cost of these consumable can vary greatly by quality and supplier as well.  OEM usually is the most expensive, but the longest lasting.  Experimentation may be required to find the best provider of the consumables.   Another initial cost to MIG welding, if it is not supplied by the manufacturer as part of the welding package, is the initial purchase is the gas regulator.  Expect to spend another 150.00 dollars or so to buy one. You should still keep this in mind as an extra cost even if you are supplied with a regulator at the point of purchase, particularly if you are working and welding with more than one gas mix, because some regulators are only set up for one specific gas type.  Other smaller miscellaneous items are needed as well, such as a pair of MIG pliers, gloves, sleeves and or jacket.  One of the most common items forgotten is to have an additional pair of safety glasses on behind the helmet to protect against stray sparks finding a home in the middle of your cornea.  Fortunately, the days of expensive and cumbersome safety glasses and goggles are gone.  Usually a pair of stylish safety glasses can be bought for at a price fewer than 10 dollars, even with built in magnification which sit comfortable on the ears and face, even while welding.