Metal Gas Inert Welding Basics

MIG welding is also known as metal gas inert welding? This welding process requires a constant supply of voltage and current from a direct source.

This welding process is mostly used for industrial purposes. This is especially true for the automobile industrial process. This process makes use of a consumable electrode that also uses a shielding gas to protect the area of weld. This welding is not used outdoors or areas which would have air volatility. A welding gun is used in this process to weld two metals together.

This welding technique can be used to stainless steel aluminum and cast iron. This type of weld makes for very strong joints between two metals. This is one of the reasons why this type of welding is mainly used for industrial purposes.

Also most industries have a direct supply of current; therefore it is not a problem to supply the welding equipment with constant direct current.


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