The many benefits of stud welders

The process in which a bolt or specially formed nut is welded onto another is called stud welding. In the spot welder, the bolts may be automatically fed into the spot welder. Weld is formed when the weld nuts which have a flange with small nubs is melted. Similarly the studs would be having a necked down, un-threaded area for the same purpose.

In stud welder, usually weld studs are used. In stud arc welding, a stud is joined with another piece of metal. During the process, stud is used as one of the electrodes and is usually joined to a flat plate. The type of the metal being used determines the polarity of the stud welder and it differs with each metal. For example, while welding aluminum, a direct current electrode positive (DCEP) is required. On the other hand, welding steel would require direct current electrode negative (DCEN). There is also a type of stud welding called as capacitor discharge stud welding in which flux is not required.

There are many advantages of using the portable stud welders. The welders can be automated with controls for arcing and applying pressure. Another quality is the versatile nature of stud welding. Areas where stud welding is generally used are automobile bodies, electrical panels, shipbuilding and building construction. Ship manufacturing industry is one of the oldest places where stud welding has been used. It can be even said that the stud welders have revolutionized the ship making industry. Apart from these, many other manufacturing industries would also use the stud arc welding process.


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