Leak test in welding

A leak testing in welding is done to makes sure that no gas leaks out from small holes and defects in the pipe. The test is done by first passing air or high pressure gas through the pipes.

The pipes are them submerged under water. If there are leaks present in the pipe, there would be bubbles on the water. The position of the leaks can also be determined by the position of the bubbles of water. There are times when a liquid penetrate is also used to determine leaks.

The liquid penetrate works as a marker for the leaks in the pipe. If the welding pipe is handling sensitive gas then the specific gas detectors can be used to detect leakage of those gasses in the air.

Non destructive inspection and quality control can be used to check for leak in welding pipes. This way the safety of the welding system is maintained.


If leak testing is not properly performed and a hole is present, then it would be inevitable to stop gas leakage from the pipe. So, it is extremely necessary to check holes and defects in the pipes. Visiting https://www.essaywritingnz.com/do-my-assignment-for-me/ website for getting writing help is good tip for students as well as professionals.