Inverter Welders, Portable Welding With An Inverter Welder

Do you struggle with portable welding with an inverter welder?

Although inverter welders are becoming common place in almost every aspect of the welding industry, there is somewhat of a struggle integrate them into the portable welder segment of the industry. Many companies are building “chopper” based welders which are essentially a poor man’s way to build an inverter and there have been some fully integrated inverter platform  portable welders. The issue has been reliability, with circuit boards burning out, poor quality control and in general poor designs. Instead of upgrading many welders capabilities as far as  being a multi-purpose capable unit with AC and DC and taps for MIG welders and HF boxes for Stick welders, manufacturers have abandoned the idea of one unit for everything. In fact companies like Miller no longer push buying an HF box for their Generator Welders.  Rather they are suggesting that TIG welders be accomplished by running a completely separate inverter TIG welding machine from the generator side of the unit.  In some cases people desiring to weld MIG or Flux Core welder are better off (and cheaper-off) to plug an inverter MIG welder into the outlet on a welder-generator to run it instead of using a suitcase unit that is powered by the output of the welder side of the unit. A separate welder offers greater flexibility and in many cases reduces the over all cost of overhead by keeping down the need for additional equipment just for running TIG or MIG in the field. As there were tradeoffs before with the add-on pieces of equipment to accomplish forms of welding other than stick, this is actually a welcome solution.

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